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Amazon Alexa Skill, Google Action, Web Wizard, Database, CMS

Chefkoch inspires users with over 330,000 fitting dishes, background information and how-to videos. Up to 22 million users have been relying on Chefkoch per month for 20 years when looking for support with cooking.

The creation, exchange, evaluation and illustration of recipes is done by users for users. Of course, the user content is complemented by a large editorial offer, which includes magazine articles, cooking and baking videos, as well as newsletters, practical apps and social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.



The crux of user-generated content is often the lack of structure. Every recipe author can describe his recipes according to his own taste.

Over 20 years there have been more than 300,000 entries that make sense in writing, but cannot be read automatically due to the lack of mark ups. Likewise, relevant forms such as vegan or characteristics such as nutritional values are often missing.

This leads to various challenges for Chefkoch and us: How can we prepare the content? How can we play out the edited content? And how can the content played out be monetized?



The answer is a duo of Smart Recipe Tool & Smart Assistant Integration. The highlight: users can optimize the recipes for the benefit of other users. UGC optimizes UGC.

The solution lies at the origin of the challenge. The result is an optimized data structure that can surface content everywhere. For Chefkoch we have implemented:

  • Alexa skill including visual interface in node.js
  • Google Action including support for smart display devices in node.js
  • Recipe database with optimized support for voice assistants
  • User & reviewer web frontend in react

Here is whats the product sounds like


The Amazon Alexa Skill and the Google Action offer similar functionalities.  Users do not have to get used to different feature sets, if they use both voice assistants. The conversation allows you to search for recipes based on free text input, ingredients or other characteristics. The number of servings can then be determined in order to calculate the selected ingredients.

If ingredients are missing, the user can simply link his Chefkoch Smartlist account, on which he maintains his favorite recipes. In the step-by-step process, the user is guided to the goal - a tasty dish.

Alexa, ask Chefkoch for a simple pasta recipe

“Sure. I have found Pasta with tomato and rucola. Shall I help you prepare this recipe?”


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