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Started in 1988 as a regional radio station for Bavaria, Antenne Bayern is today the most-heard private broadcaster in the country. According to ma 2019 Audio II, the programs of the ANTENNE BAYERN group delight more than 5 million listeners per day.

Sometimes funny, sometimes curious or thoughtful, but always competent and at the cutting edge of time, Antenne Bayern and Rock Antenne accompany listeners through everyday life and the night. The recipe for success: A creative mix of music, service, information and entertainment, tailor-made for the target group from 14 to 49, seasoned with spectacular campaigns and a constantly new presentation.

Challenge & Solution


Radio is a format that has always managed to adapt to technical progress over the years. Be it digital radio, web players or mobile apps.

Even on smart speakers, radio reception was available right from the start thanks to aggregators like TuneIn. The task for us: How can the brand Antenne Bayern take place as an independent product on voice assistants and offer added value?

Our solution: Separate skills and actions for the two radio stations Antenne Bayern and Rock Antenne. In addition to the main stations, users have access to all thematic channels as well as other streams such as weather or traffic news. The advantage for Antenne Bayern: All services are controlled and evaluated from a single source without aggregators.

Here is whats the product sounds like


Antenne Bayern is brought to life by its unmistakable host team. So it is logical that all skills & action are gold-plated with personal voice-over recordings by the moderators - especially Leiki

Even if the offer is varied, the focus is on simple navigation. The voice command "Alexa, spiel Antenne Bayern" leads directly to the stream query. If interested, users can switch between streams or request the title of the current song. The current traffic and weather report is also available.

Alexa, play Antenne Bayern

“Welcome to Antenne Bayern, Bavaria's best music mix. Do you want to a specific channel like Wiesn Hits or start with the regular stream?"

Additional Formats

As a pioneer in the voice market, Antenne Bayern offers further skills with our support:

Song Duell is a audio-first trivia format. Players are listening to short snippets of songs and put to the test. What is the name of the artist? What is the song title? The game can be played alone, with friends or online. A global leaderboard provides competitive players with long-term motivation.

Affenbeste Freunde is a personal bedtime story for kids. Children and youth book author Catharina Clas tells magical stories with attention to detail. The highlight: the children can enter their names in the course of the conversation and thus become the hero or heroine of the stories.

The annual Antenne Bayern advent calendar is also offered via smart assistants. Here the skill Mein Adventskalender provides users the opportunity to simply take part in a daily raffle by voice command or to ask whether they are among the lucky winners. A stream with Christmas carols is of course also part of the functionality.


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