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Nuuk's founding team Alexander Köhn and Nils Kassube have been working together for over ten years and come with a vast experience in bringing projects to life across multiple platforms. We offer the full range: Conception to project management, frontend and backend development to quality assurance.

Our high-performance and heavily used server solutions are used in retail and in numerous media companies.

We are your voice

Development for voice assistant and smart speaker


Since the launch of the Amazon Echo in Germany, Nuuk has been developing the so-called skills (and Google Actions for the Google Assistant), which are adding new functions to the intelligent voice assistants. By now we have developed over 50 integrations for media partners, sports clubs, radio channels and OEMs, initiating millions of conversations per month.

We also offer standard products that allow content providers to easily make their existing content available on the new audio platforms.

For Sonos' intelligent speakers, Nuuk enables integration directly into the Sonos Audio Platform.

Mobile solutions

Scalable software development for your company


Since the launch of Apples App Store and the Google Play Store, the experts at Nuuk GmbH have been developing professional solutions for both platforms. Not only the development of the mobile frontend our profession, but also the backends behind it are designed and programmed by us. We rely on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud for scalable server solutions.


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