A cut above the rest

A cut above the rest

Lawn mowing the intelligent way

Worx Europe
Amazon Alexa Skill, Google Action

Positec demonstrates its innovative power in the field of lawn and mowing robots. For example, the Worx Europe brand has redefined the standard with its Worx Landroid in this product class.

As the most agile robotic lawnmower on the market, Worx Landroid also travels through narrow passages that other robots can not reach or get stuck in. And thanks to its modular design, Landroid robotic lawnmowers can be supplemented with features such as an anti-theft or anti-collision system.

Challenge & Solution


Since additional modules are not everyone's preferred choice, Worx Landroid offers continuous software development for its models. And their goal was to develop a language integration that works equally well on both platforms, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Designed for those who want to have their life a little easier.

Our solution was to implement a custom skill integration for Amazon and a smart home Integration for the Google Assistant.

Thanks to continuous development of the language model, the Landroid can be controlled on both platforms in five languages. We have implemented the following areas:

  • Concepting the conversational design and fullfilment of the custom Amazon Alexa Skill in node.js
  • Developing the smart home skill and fulfillment in node.js
  • Account linking through Landroid's oAuth2 interface
  • Internationalization of the language model in French, English, Italian and Spanish

Here is what the solution sounds like


Our developed Amazon Skill and Google Action are compatible with any Landroid as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. When starting the robotic lawnmower, the user receives information about the status of the device (state of charge, location) and can choose from various available options including mowing the lawn.

Alexa, open my robotic lawn mower

“Your lawn mower is charged up to 75% and currently in its charging station. Do you want to mo the lawn or quit the skill?”


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