Sound, not silence

Radio for the wrist

Standalone WatchOS app

At Radioplayer , public and private radio stations are combined under one roof to offer radio enjoyment. The aim here is to be able to simply listen to the radio across all devices. This aspect is becoming increasingly important - after TV, radio is one of the most popular entertainment programs

The goal for the user is clearly stated - the radio stations and their content should be easy to find at any time and from anywhere and should be played in the best quality.

Challenge & Solution


Leaving your cell phone at home, while you are on the way to the bakery, or for a walk during lunch breaks is part of the digital detox trend. The bigger and more bulky the smartphones become, the less we like to have them with us all of the time.

Nevertheless, we do not want to lose 0ut on connection in an emergency and so  wearables with GSM function are becoming increasingly popular. Through activated eSIM of the mobile network operator you can use them to make calls, send messages, measure activities or listen to music with paired Bluetooth headphones.

Radio is deeply integrated in our daily life. Hence, it is just obvious that making use of the newly offered standalone apps for the Apple Watch, is a fitting solution for Radioplayer.



The Radioplayear solution is available as a standalone app and optimized for WatchOS. The solution has been recognized by German magazines ComputerBILD and Techbook as a must-have app for the Apple Watch.

Stations can be looked up via  dictated or scribbled input on the Apple Watch. Favorites and last heard stations are available as quick access. Obviously all stations are accessible as well. Though the most helpful one might be the genre section which features specific background images for easier navigation

As part of this solution we have realized concept & design. Implementation of the watchOS app in Swift UI including complications for multiple watch faces.

The app is internazionalied in German, English and French and available on the German, British and Canadian Apple App Store.