Practice makes the millionaire

Road to million

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Google Action, Interactive Canvas, APIs, Database, CMS

Since September 1999, Günther Jauch has hosted more than 1,300 episodes on RTL, where changes have been made here and there, but the basic concept is still the same:

Answer all 15 questions correctly and you win the millions of dollars.

To date (as of January 2020) only 12 participants and 3 celebrities (Oliver Pocher, Thomas Gottschalk & Barbara Schöneberg) have hit the million. And so it comes at no surprise that Wer wird Millionär has achieved high quotas to date. The social influence is so great that its Phone a friend lifeline has already made it to the Duden.

Challenge & Solution


We were challenged to bring Wer wird Millionär to both purely voice-based (e.g., Google Nest Mini) and multi-modal devices (e.g. Google Nest Hub). The challenge here was to adequately transport both – functionality and the brand.

Our aim was to offer the same functionality across all devices. Depending on the device, the brand is embedded differently inside the Google Action. Activated on a smart speaker, the brand comes to live through its SFX, on display devices this is enriched with visual elements.

The result allows users across Google Assistant devices to re-experience the Wer wird Millionär brand every day. We developed:

  • Creation of the Conversational Design and fullfilment of the Action on Google in node.js including interactive canvas support
  • Setting up a content & account database including interfaces to the RTL editorial team.
  • Integration of a notification & a ranking system to promote daily usage.

Here is what the product sounds like


The exclusive Google Assistant product offers not only daily changing question leaders, the well-known 3 jokers, but also a high score list.

The integration can be launched via "Hey Google, rede mit Wer wird Millionär" and offers daily participation as part of the conversation. The account linking enables the game to be saved continuously over several days.

Hey Google, rede mit Wer wird Millionär

“Welcome to the show! Let's start with the 50 EUR question: According to a well-known proverb, what ‘… is the spice of life’?"


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