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Warner Music Germany
Amazon Alexa Skill, Google Action, APIs, Database, CMS

Hamburg-based Warner Music Germany markets as part of the global Warner Music Group, including world stars such as Bruno Mars, Robin Schulz, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, James Blunt or Cardi B for Central Europe.

Also national top acts like Udo Lindenberg, Mike Singer or Bausa are under contract here. The goal of Warner Music Germany is always to support the artists, to be creative and economically successful in the long term and to offer music fans the best possible music offer at the same time.

Marketing via out-of-home, print or via radio are part of the release phase of many new albums. The challenge: What will happen when the first chart week is over? How do you get your ever-growing back catalog to the man or the woman? And how do you stay in the memory of the listeners in the long term?

Challenge & Solution


Our task was to develop an integration that allows the active marketing of the music catalog. Our solution is the Song des Tages product for the two major platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The integration offers users a curated song per day and a matching fun fact. If you like, the song can of course be heard directly on the linked Spotify account. Short and sweet - the little song snack for in between.

The combination of smart speakers and music providers is more than obvious to us and to Warner Music. We therefore guarantee functionality on any Alexa or Google Assistant device with audio output. We developed: 

  • Creation of Conversational Design and Fullfilment of Action on Google or Alexa Skill in Node.js
  • Setting up a content management system to maintain the daily changing content for the Warner Music Editorial Team
  • Account Linking between Voice Integrations and Spotify Account of the User.

Here is whats the product sounds like


Both platforms offer the same content. Users don't have to change their minds if they use both assistants. The conversation is straight forward. With the call "Hey Google, talk to Song des Tages" or "Alexa, starte Song des Tages", the user receives the curated information for the respective day directly.

If you like, you can link the Spotify account once in a hand and play the song.

Hey Google, talk to Song des Tages

“Welcome to Song of the day. It's weekend at last. Today we introduce you to Wiggle by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg. Maximum vibration through repetition. 56 times Snoop and Derulo ask you to wiggle it.

And here comes the song for you.“


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